Thinking about going vegan or adding more plant based meals to your diet. Its easier than you think and there are vegan options for everything these days! Pizza, burgers, ice cream…no problem. Once you realize you dont have to give up anything to go vegan, you’ll be more than excited to start. This quick guide will help you kickstart your vegan journey.


STEP 1: LIST (fruits and veggies)

Make a list of all the fruits and veggies you already like. This is a great place to start and you might be surprised by how long the list is. Keeping meals simple is the key to making this transition. It can get overwhelming with the amazing vegan recipes and cookbooks out there. My hack was putting 3 fruits or veggies on a plate. Simple and easy!

STEP 2: FIND (transitional foods)
Find vegan options for everything you like. From burgers to ice cream to pizza, plant based alternatives abound. Vegan alternatives are making there way to main stream grocery stores and restaurants so making the choice has never been easier. Even if you have a sweet tooth like me, the vegan options are endless. It’s not about giving up anything, think of it as substituting vegan options for the foods you already like.

STEP 3: PLAN (your meals)
This is the not so sexy part. Staying disciplined is the key to this. Plan your meals and stick to it as much as possible. Most people use their cravings to guide their choices and determine what they eat. Plan your meals and your path to veganism will be a much smoother one.


Lots of people would like to gradually transition to veganism instead of going cold turkey. There is nothing wrong with this method as we are all on your own journey in our own time. Start out by making one of your meals a day vegan. As this gets easier, make two of the three vegan. Before you know it, you’ll be 100% vegan and loving every minute of it.

Eating out can be challenging in the beginning of your vegan transition. I have found a simple way to enjoy a night out and not stress about your options. If there is anyway to look at the menu online before you go, this will let you scope out your vegan options on advance. If not, I usually just look at the sides menu and grab a few of there. The sides menu usually features at least a few veggie options that are often vegan. Selecting 3 sides and creating your own veggie plate is often the easiest thing to do.

It’s never been easier to chose a compassionate vegan lifestyle than it is right now. Everyday new vegan options and products are hitting the market. You’ll be surprised and delighted with how creative you can be on a vegan diet. Take the first step and enjoy the journey.


Great! Quick and thoughtful look at vegan living. This documentary was awesome! Short and to the point with thoughtful facts. And I love the focus on eating out, showing that it’s easier than you think. Many people are threatened by the rise of veganism and compassionate living. If you want a quick and easy intro to vegan living this is an excellent resource


Awesome Doc!!! Watching the journey of someone who just went vegan was interesting. Loved the focus on managing the conversion from average meat eater to empowered vegan. SO glad this lasted longer than the 30 days! Good Luck!!

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